About the association

Dhammakaya Society of Victoria Inc. is a charitable organisation.

The principal activities of the Association aim:-

to encourage the teaching, practice and realisation of Buddhist Principles, with a special emphasis on morality, meditation, wisdom and compassion, and to establish and maintain facilities to make available to the general public these teachings and practices;

to establish suitable facilities for and to support the invited Sangha (Buddhist Monk(s) and Nun(s)) so they may act as spiritual guides and minister for the well being of the Buddhist community as a whole;

to establish and maintain, for propagation of the teachings of Phra Mong Kol Thepmuni, the rediscoverer of Vijja Dhammakaya;

to establish in the State of Victoria Buddhist centres, schools, colleges, monasteries and other institutions (including residential facilities) for the encouragement of the purposes;

to maintain and operate a School Building Fund.